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WE-29 International

WE-29 International is a developer, manufacturer and marketer of a broad range of specialized products, primarily nanotechnology based.


WE provides nanotechnology based solutions under white label brands. Creates a unified, flexible and highly durable layer – naturally rejecting soiling or staining from liquids.

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NanoTech Disinfectants

WE kill viruses, bacteria and fungi – closing the hygiene gap for up to 10 days. Easy-to-use water-based products with controlled release. Simple ‘spray-wipe-dry’ application. Read More

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Vaporizer system

WE disinfection system, sanitize 50 m3 area in 9 min and kill the bacteria and fungi – for up to 10 days. No moisture is produced in this process, no sensitive objects need to be moved out. Read More

Industrial Chemicals

WE produce high quality and environmentally friendly cleaning products for industry, hospitality and specialized cleaning companies.

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